Definition of podiatry in English:



  • The treatment of the feet and their ailments; chiropody.

    • ‘Wound management differs significantly from many other aspects of patient care that tend to be more specific to nursing, medicine, podiatry, or physical therapy.’
    • ‘It has been marketed for applications in dentistry, gynecology and podiatry, as well as other medical applications.’
    • ‘It became the unit of choice with its core audience of dermatologists, surgeons, and veterinarians, while its use expanded into ENT, urology, podiatry, plastic surgery, and international markets.’
    • ‘If we lump things like podiatry and physical therapy together with medicine, and interior design and architecture with engineering, we come up with very few.’
    • ‘The centre will be home to seven GP surgeries, dental practices and other medical services, including podiatry, speech and language therapy and a pharmacy.’
    • ‘In the meantime, podiatry had developed within chiropody, as a specialized and more surgically ambitious area of bone surgery.’
    • ‘Surgical podiatry, vascular rehabilitation and footwear facilities required for diabetic patients are available at this service centre.’
    • ‘Like podiatry and pyrotechnics, feeding the bears is best left to professionals.’
    • ‘The Government will spend $1.4 million on new health services such as diabetes education, physiotherapy, counselling, audiology, podiatry and community health in eleven Mid West shires.’
    • ‘Under the plan St Michael's Day Hospital would take podiatry (foot care), dentistry and family planning services.’
    • ‘As a practicing equine veterinarian, she hopes to specialize in equine sports medicine, podiatry, genetics or neurology.’
    • ‘And if findings from the United States bear up, fixing knee alignment, say with podiatry, could become a major industry.’
    • ‘It has consulting rooms for all five GPs plus space for travel clinics, physiotherapy, podiatry, counselling and family clinics.’
    • ‘Doctors in what I like to call the ‘lifestyle professions’, such as dermatology or podiatry, are also quite vocal about the uselessness of free samples.’
    • ‘The Manningham centre will also provide rehabilitation, intermediate care beds and services like podiatry, speech and language therapy and dentistry.’
    • ‘Services on offer include podiatry, speech and language facilities, audiology and hearing therapy, and family planning.’
    • ‘In addition, patients can make appointments to see specialists in such fields as allergy, dermatology, gastroenterology, gynecology, immunology, liver disease, lung disease, and podiatry.’
    • ‘The head of podiatry at Selby and York Primary Care Trust, Robin Hull, said medical cases were assessed on individual needs.’
    • ‘It aims to group existing GP practices in a location which will allow the expansion of primary care services including mental health services, district nursing and health visiting, podiatry and minor operations.’
    • ‘You're on your own when it comes to podiatry, and tarragon does have mild antifungal properties, something any well-traveled foot - modern or medieval - can appreciate.’


Early 20th century from Greek pous, pod- ‘foot’ + iatros ‘physician’.