Definition of podzol in English:


(also podsol)


Soil Science
  • An infertile acidic soil characterized by a white or grey subsurface layer resembling ash, from which minerals have been leached into a lower dark-coloured stratum. It typically occurs under temperate coniferous woodland.

    • ‘It contains soil types, such as podzols, chernozems, brown earths, chestnut soils, etc., familiar to many people.’
    • ‘The soil is derived from podzols, with a sandy surface layer and clay at 1 m depth.’
    • ‘In the study of radiata pine stands by Florence and Lamb, litter accumulation was greater on sandy podzols than on finer textured soils, despite similar rates of litter input.’
    • ‘Figure 5 clearly shows that in most cases rainforest stands on highly nutrient-depleted ferralsols, acrisols, and podzols of tropical lowlands attain diversity indices above 90% of the theoretical maximum.’
    • ‘Although the information is based on a small set of plots in a localized area, the soil type and the soil texture at MSH have been found to be mainly ferro-humic podzol and sandy loam, respectively.’


Early 20th century from Russian, from pod ‘under’ + zola ‘ashes’.