Definition of poetry slam in English:

poetry slam


  • A competition using elimination rounds for the reading or performance of poetry.

    ‘Hey, I got chosen to compete in a poetry slam on FBI radio!’
    • ‘One of Martin's numerous tours deforce, as he transforms Ovid into contemporary American English that dogs, cats, and the hip can understand, is to depict the daughters of Pierus challenging the Muses to a poetry slam, as follows.’
    • ‘I was supposed to go to Ben's poetry slam with Tamara.’
    • ‘A poetry slam was judged by Cecilia Marshall, widow of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.’
    • ‘‘I wasn't talking about the poetry slam,’ she said.’
    • ‘The group organized the first teenage poetry slam in 1996; in 1999, the organization expanded to New York, where it currently runs programs in all five boroughs.’
    • ‘Someone willing to delve into his or her artistic conscience and bottle some clove-scented burp from the way-hip poetry slam going on deep within the depths of his or her coffeehouse-bound soul.’
    • ‘Bold as the disciples after Pentecost, Hill's sophomore solo album is more akin to a poetry slam of her life testimony than any pop, hiphop, rap, or reggae hit she's had in the past.’
    • ‘Visit any poetry slam and it becomes readily apparent that literary merit is a distant second (maybe even third) to communication skills.’
    • ‘I mean sure, ask him to do something outside of class - but not, say, an audience-participation poetry slam, or karaoke.’
    • ‘If movement were words, this would be a poetry slam.’
    • ‘It was patterned on the poetry slam, which offers an open mike to unpublished poets to read their poems before a literature-prone audience.’
    • ‘Classmates, this may be the beginning of a poetry slam.’
    • ‘Gather up those journal scribblings and participate in a poetry slam.’
    • ‘He electrified the audience, delivering a written speech as poetry slam.’
    • ‘There was the occasional poetry slam, but most of the time, it was just a more quiet place to chill.’
    • ‘The grand poetry slam has a first prize of $150 from Noah's Arc Bookshop, as well as a $100 People's Choice prize.’
    • ‘He mentions that he's going to the poetry slam next Friday because his friend is playing flute for some poet and I mention that I've never been to a poetry slam and he says I should try it.’
    • ‘In other news, I met a ridiculously good-looking barman at the Brighton poetry slam earlier this week (don't ask).’
    • ‘I felt a little better the other night at a poetry slam when I noticed that lots of other people looked a bit chubbier, a little rounder in the cheeks.’