Definition of poignantly in English:


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  • In a way that evokes a keen sense of sadness or regret.

    ‘the experiences of the war are poignantly described’
    • ‘the girl's fate poignantly recalled his own dark childhood’
    • ‘The strings sigh, and the woodwinds are poignantly beautiful.’
    • ‘Even the painting's nominal portrait subject, the artist's son clutching a favorite doll, slips rather poignantly out of focus.’
    • ‘The close-ups of the girls' faces poignantly captured their emotions in ways words never could.’
    • ‘The theme of the two-part survey was, poignantly, the derealization induced by contemporary media overload.’
    • ‘His film of the gallery poignantly documents how out of place human beings can be in Mies' architecture.’
    • ‘The dignity of male grief is poignantly explored by alternating outbursts of frustration with consoling movements of group solidarity.’
    • ‘The truncation of each episode resounds poignantly, leaving us stranded in atonement with moral handgrips denied.’
    • ‘A beautiful, poignantly awkward black began to emerge, foreshadowing his coming figurative work.’
    • ‘He poignantly answers, "I don't want your help."’
    • ‘Poignantly, the decline of Marion's own health throughout the 1950s saw the children, in turn, mind Marion.’



/ˈpoin(y)ən(t)lē/ /ˈpɔɪn(j)ən(t)li/