Definition of poikilotherm in English:



  • An organism that cannot regulate its body temperature except by behavioral means such as basking or burrowing.

    Often contrasted with homeotherm; compare with cold-blooded

    ‘The 10-fold seasonal differences in FMR were reasonable for an ectothermic poikilotherm.’
    • ‘In addition to sequence length, differences between homeotherms and poikilotherms (hagfish, gray mullet, zebrafish, toad, and snake) occur at positions 373 and 400, respectively.’
    • ‘Winters may be shorter but they will still be very cold, while concomitant changes in insulating snow cover will have other effects on these poikilotherms.’
    • ‘This is distinct from poikilotherms, such as reptiles and amphibians, whose body temperature is just above the ambient temperature, and varies with it.’
    • ‘On the positive side, there is substantial evidence that poikilotherms have lower metabolic rates and longer life spans at cooler temperatures (reviewed by FINCH 1990; ARKING 1998).’



/poiˈkiləˌTHərm/ /pɔɪˈkɪləˌθərm/ /ˈpoikəlōˌTHərm/ /ˈpɔɪkəloʊˌθərm/