Definition of Poincaré map in English:

Poincaré map


  • 1Mathematics Physics
    A representation of the phase space of a dynamic system, indicating all possible trajectories.

    1. 1.1The intersection of a Poincaré map representation with a given line, plane, etc.
      ‘The resulting plot, known as a Poincaré section, shows points scattered across the plane - like bullets puncturing a sheet of paper.’
      • ‘This is called a Poincaré section (above right), and the intersections of the red and green lines mark the locations and speeds at which one can segue from manifold to manifold for free.’


Poincaré map

/ˌpwänkəˈrā ˌmap/ /ˌpwɑnkəˈreɪ ˌmæp/


1950s from the name of the French mathematician and philosopher of science Jules-Henri Poincaré (1854–1912).