Definition of point break in English:

point break


  • (in surfing) a type of wave characteristic of a coast with a headland.

    ‘On the best of days, Mavericks acts like a point break, constantly jacking up in a down-the-line pattern as it hits a succession of shallow spots in the reef.’
    • ‘I came across one when I was going for a surf at a primo spot called Murderers (Murdering Beach officially) which is a classic point break in the middle of nowhere, a bit of a drive out of Port Chalmers.’
    • ‘Still, surfers flock to the famous point break at La Libertad, where consistent five-foot swells run 300 yards to shore.’
    • ‘Just before sunset Joby and I sat up on a rooftop patio and watched surfers taking advantage of a point break that was just up the beach.’
    • ‘Our first surf session was at a reef and point break with the Indonesian name of Nipussi.’
    • ‘A simple California point break doesn't require the same moves as hairy Sunset Beach.’
    • ‘While I knew that most of Taking Back the Waves would take place in Cape Town, I couldn't bear to make a South African surfing film that didn't feature Africa's premiere point break.’
    • ‘The beautiful long right-hand point break at Victoria Bay in the Southern Cape will be the venue this weekend for the third leg of the 2004 Billabong Junior Series.’
    • ‘My feeling is that a lot of older surfers would have much more fun riding bodyboards recreationally rather than struggling along with a longboard in surfer-choked point breaks.’
    • ‘Are there any surfing key forwards who would like to spend time after the game surfing perfect point breaks?’
    • ‘Surf big Hawaiian waves in the winter, point breaks, quick reef breaks, beach breaks, and close beach breaks or shore breaks.’
    • ‘Born and raised on the right-hand point breaks of Queensland, Australia, Bartholomew felt right at home at Makaha today.’
    • ‘Back before 1966, the Headlands also offered wind protection to one of California's best known righthand point breaks: Killer Dana.’
    • ‘Decades ago, surfed out and sitting on the beach or rocks and watching the windblown afternoon waves go fairly unmolested, you could watch a similar show at point breaks.’
    • ‘The first is a series of photos of the Escalera Nautica Project currently lined up to ruin some of Baja's best, most rustic point breaks and fishing grounds.’
    • ‘I have taken many a trip aboard sailboats, surfing all these islands and finding good quality island waves on reef breaks, sand breaks, point breaks, etc.’
    • ‘Travel north or south of Saltburn and you'll find some of the best reef and point breaks in the country, but true to the tradition of the sport these ‘secret’ spots can't be mentioned here otherwise the locals will ensure I never surf again.’
    • ‘And, of the roster, the well-honed point breaks rank at the top.’
    • ‘Cabo Matapalo, at the tip of the peninsula, draws surfers to its famous right point breaks.’
    • ‘For the Ventura Fairgrounds point breaks the book also had a photo of two young women in bikinis walking on the beach.’


point break

/point brāk/ /pɔɪnt breɪk/