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point of sale

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(also POS)
  • The place at which goods are retailed.

    ‘refunds will be provided at the point of sale’
    • ‘point-of-sale credit card verification’
    • ‘The 15 cent levy will apply at the point of sale in supermarkets, shops, service stations and all sales outlets.’
    • ‘Currently we are not aware of any process outside of retail that provides reliable age verification at the point of sale.’
    • ‘The original point-of-sale programs supported multiple stores by updating a set of master files through a complicated operation involving transaction files created at each store and a batch update process.’
    • ‘‘The system essentially becomes a point of sale for the retailer,’ Dart said.’
    • ‘Particular concern has been expressed with regard to pressure-selling techniques for extended warranties adopted by retailers at the point of sale.’
    • ‘Parents of allergy sufferers said last night they would support clearer labelling of products from the factory to the point of sale.’
    • ‘But in June 2002, the software was rolled out for all items at all stores - after Casual Male upgraded its national point-of-sale system.’
    • ‘Theoretically, suppliers can use the point-of-sale data to better manage replenishment of goods in stores, and forecast demand down the road.’
    • ‘Members involved in the creation of new programs and promotions become a source of duplication often overlooked when sales professionals only focus on duplication at the point of sale.’
    • ‘However the Commission did not rule out the possibility that a complex monopoly situations may exist within the sector, in favour of electrical goods retailers who offer extended warranties at the point of sale.’
    • ‘Therefore, a kiosk must be installed in retail stores that enables users to pre-qualify for service at the point of sale.’
    • ‘The levy will apply at points of sale in supermarkets, shops, service stations and all sales outlets.’
    • ‘He also took on work in less seasonal markets, such as banking and hotels, and developed the point-of-sale display work, which does screen printing, acrylic fabrication and light box manufacture.’
    • ‘First, the point-of-sale infrastructure is spotty.’
    • ‘Assuming that you have taken the steps to secure your back-up inventory, you should be able to focus on your point-of-sale outlets during this time.’
    • ‘The process of analyzing your store's performance is relatively simple if you use a current point-of-sale system.’
    • ‘The problem with albums such as these two is the old one of balancing the instrumentalist leader with guests who look good on the point-of-sale sticker.’
    • ‘The concept of a point-of-sale warning is far from perfect.’
    • ‘To have maximum effect, broadcasting limits need to be complemented by restrictions on advertising at the point of sale, labels and packaging.’
    • ‘In turn, there is increasing pressure on vending machine suppliers to conform to more stringent government legislation and health and safety constraints requiring food and milk products to be fresh at the point of sale.’


point of sale

/ˌpoint əv ˈsāl/ /ˌpɔɪnt əv ˈseɪl/