Definition of point out in English:

point out

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phrasal verb

  • 1point something out, point out somethingDirect someone's gaze or attention toward, especially by extending one's finger.

    ‘I pointed out a conical heap of stones’
    • ‘Opening to a marked page he pointed a paragraph out using his finger.’
    • ‘That way, apparently, the parents stare at your fingers while you point things out more than they listen to what you're saying.’
    • ‘Quinn lifted a hand to her chin, and stayed in that same stony position for a few moments before lifting a finger as if to point something out.’
    • ‘God doesn't extend a hand from the sky and point them out to you.’
    • ‘Every once in a while, I'd stop him and gaze into store windows, pointing different things out.’
    • ‘He saw the two towers of the World Trade Cener and appreciated Jabbar pointing them out.’
    • ‘Then there was time for standing around outside the dome and pointing things out in the sky.’
    • ‘The children are amazed to see that each of them has a part in creating a beautiful object - multicolored and varied-and they take great pride and ownership in the tapestry, looking hard to find their ribbon and pointing it out to others.’
    • ‘After we cleaned off the detritus, I spotted several small fossils embedded in the rock and pointed them out to Zack.’
    • ‘The Manager was walking by so I called him over and pointed it out.’
    • ‘A passenger found the box cutter and pointed it out to crew members.’
    identify, recognize, single out, pick out, spot, choose, select, point out
    1. 1.1reporting verb Say something to make someone aware of a fact or circumstance.
      with clause ‘she pointed out that his van had been in the parking lot all day’
      • ‘“Most of the people around here are very poor,” I pointed out’
      • ‘She points out that he disappeared for 14 years without saying a word to Sharon.’
      • ‘As Councillor Ralph Berry rightly points out, vandalism can knock the heart out of a community.’
      • ‘He points out that one very important aspect of his training for his new job was in customer care.’
      • ‘Many commentators have rightly pointed out that such a ' bill of rights' would be a legal minefield.’
      • ‘Michael says isolation can be a problem for single parents, but points out that help is available.’
      • ‘He pointed out that there was never any suggestion of violence or threats towards the victim.’
      • ‘He pointed out that on those occasions' police directed motorists to the car park.’
      • ‘As Dan points out, this is a recipe for identity theft, and in no meaningful way can be said to increase security.’
      • ‘We sent out a notice to all 500 finance directors in the NHS trusts pointing out what was going on.’
      • ‘I must point out here that I don't have problem with directors appearing in films.’
      • ‘She points out that clothes can help people feel better about themselves.’
      • ‘As she points out, most working men's clubs could not operate without women.’
      • ‘He points out that substantial funding is being poured in to the police areas worst affected by violent crime.’
      • ‘Unlike film and TV, he points out, on stage you have to get it right each time.’
      • ‘We have so many contradictory feelings when we meet people, he points out.’
      • ‘Oily fish, such as mackerel or trout, is one of the easiest things possible to cook, points out Annie.’
      • ‘Most crimes, he points out, are committed by a very few persistent offenders.’
      • ‘She also points out that these children benefit from the family support brothers and sisters can offer.’
      • ‘He points out that the 1990s saw a cluster of unusually destructive floods in Scotland.’
      • ‘However, the report also points out that much progress has been made, locally and nationally.’
      identify, show, designate, call attention to, draw attention to, direct attention to, indicate, specify, detail, mention, refer to, allude to, touch on