Definition of point to in English:

point to

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phrasal verb

  • 1point to somethingCite a fact or situation as evidence of something.

    ‘he points to several factors supporting this conclusion’
    • ‘He points to the fact that in the judgment which we have given we have not doubted the verdict of the jury.’
    • ‘He pointed rightly to the fact that the business of the Company had been preserved, as had over a hundred jobs.’
    • ‘His detractors have pointed at these disappointments as evidence of his shortcomings.’
    • ‘But critics point to the fact that the clubs do benefit from public money, at least indirectly.’
    • ‘As evidence some critics pointed to the fact that he opposes requiring employee stock options to be recorded as expenses.’
    • ‘Many commentators point to the fact that he was as much a political as a spiritual leader.’
    • ‘He points to the fact that people are still coming forward to risk their lives for this experiment.’
    • ‘He pointed to the fact that despite the majority of seats there is still no minister here.’
    • ‘As proof, we point to the fact that the same author also wrote six books predicting the end of the world.’
    • ‘He rightly points to the fact that debate is the meat of scientific endeavour.’
    • ‘James was pointing to the fact that the relationship between mind and body is not just one way.’
    • ‘They point to the plans for increased public spending as an indication of what might lie ahead.’
    • ‘He points to better management as the means of turning good technology into a strong business.’
    • ‘Rodgers points to this as evidence his committee must be doing something right.’
    • ‘He points to the second world war when the only incidence of panic was when people were isolated.’
    • ‘He also points to the potential role that community finance institutions can play.’
    • ‘The competition watchdog pointed towards store sales and improved terms for suppliers as it outlined remedies for the possible takeover.’
  • 2point to something(of a fact or situation) indicate that something is likely to happen or be the case.

    • ‘everything pointed to an Eastern attack’
    indicate, suggest, be evidence of, evidence, signal, signify, denote, be symptomatic of, be a sign of, be a symptom of, reveal, manifest
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