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  • 1Having a sharpened or tapered tip or end.

    ‘his face tapers to a pointed chin’
    • ‘The face tapered to a pointed chin, leaving room for a small nose and tiny mouth.’
    • ‘A horrendous smirk of a smile polluted Jen's bruised face as her fingers sharpened into pointed razor claws.’
    • ‘The engineering module was the largest part of the ship, the vehicle tapering off to a pointed nose-cone.’
    • ‘You are drawn to men with pointed chins and Roman noses… I don't think I've ever noticed…’
    • ‘Her eyes were serene and blue, and her face finely sculpted with a delicate chin, a pointed nose, and an elegant widow's peak on her forehead.’
    • ‘High thin cheekbones accented the full mouth and pointed chin, giving him an even greater air of the aristocracy than his elegant attire.’
    • ‘Rani's eyes hungrily took in the familiar high forehead, the curved nose, the pointed chin, the long, elegant neck.’
    • ‘He said that he was fair skinned, and with a pointed chin.’
    • ‘He had a firm chin and a pointed nose, among other noble-looking features, but sunken cheeks.’
    • ‘His face was immaculate, from his perfect chin to his slightly pointed nose.’
    • ‘My face is small and sharp, like an elf, with a pointed nose and chin.’
    • ‘His fierce energy blazed from a weedy frame, with weak chin and pointed nose.’
    • ‘Their elongate mouth and strong jaws held rows of pointed conical teeth, similar in shape to those of modern toothed whales.’
    • ‘He was also said to have ‘quite a pointed nose’ with light or grey stubble on his chin.’
    • ‘One had no hair on his head, for it had all moved down to his chin in a frizzy, pointed beard that dangled down to his waist.’
    • ‘Also, with repeated sharpening of a flat blade, a pointed tip inevitably develops.’
    • ‘Cecil, of Victoria Street, Harwich, had been found guilty of a total of 66 charges of criminal damage and possessing an article with a pointed blade at an earlier trial.’
    • ‘Spence said the statue represented a development into pointed shapes for the artist and was ‘an important piece’, famous throughout the world.’
    • ‘On his way home with a recently purchased face mask in hand, Harding noticed the long, pointed cones displayed by an unsuspecting ice-cream vendor.’
    • ‘The green felt costumes with sharp, pointed edges, the painted faces and frenetic children running on stage dizzied and terrified me.’
    sharp, spearlike, needle-like, spear-shaped, V-shaped, tapering, tapered, cone-shaped, conic, conical, acute, sharp-cornered, wedge-shaped, sharp-edged, edged, jagged, spiky, spiked, barbed
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  • 2(of a remark or look) expressing criticism in a direct and unambiguous way.

    ‘pointed comments were made about racial discrimination within the army’
    • ‘Well, I was too angry, and I wanted to ask direct questions, pointed questions.’
    • ‘They didn't comment but kept staring at me with the same pointed look.’
    • ‘She responded with a pointed look, and he shrugged.’
    • ‘Offering a pointed look, she pushed aside the celery she's been chopping, focusing on the conversation.’
    • ‘‘You can behave with dignity,’ said Ross in a pointed remark.’
    • ‘It was only when I began to cross that ideological boundary that the pointed remarks and occasional open hostility became glaring.’
    • ‘They are not alone in making such pointed remarks.’
    • ‘Andy looks as if he was about to protest but stops when Angie gives him a pointed look.’
    • ‘Captain Walker had been patient with him, although he often seemed to be just on the edge of a pointed remark, and the illness had finally passed.’
    • ‘Wendy took charge of the gurney and gave him a pointed look.’
    • ‘Ignoring Christie's pointed look, I walked away towards the food line.’
    • ‘That was a pointed remark if ever there was one, Clara thought.’
    • ‘She gave Tomas a pointed look and he slowly removed his hand.’
    • ‘Ultimately the story is both a pointed look at alcoholism, recovery, and a study of romance and whether the couple can survive.’
    • ‘Benji led the way and turned around to give me a pointed look.’
    • ‘She gave him a pointed look and watched as he folded instantly.’
    • ‘He gave me a pointed look that definitely said ‘Behave,’ and picked up the phone.’
    • ‘I shoot him a pointed look that just pours suspicion and distrust.’
    • ‘While she had been rambling on, I noticed Leo give me a pointed look.’
    • ‘Sharpton's pointed remarks brought the enormous convention crowd up for several standing ovations.’
    cutting, trenchant, biting, incisive, acid, acerbic, tart, caustic, scathing, mordant, razor-edged, venomed, venomous, piercing, penetrating
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/ˈpoin(t)əd/ /ˈpɔɪn(t)əd/