Definition of pointedly in English:


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  • In a direct and unambiguous way, often indicating criticism or displeasure.

    ‘he pointedly refused to shake hands’
    • ‘he turned to glare pointedly at Martin’
    • ‘They spin out conservative versions of an already entrenched style, pointedly resisting the challenges presented by artists like Leonardo.’
    • ‘The intention of eating his chrysanthemums is suggested rather pointedly in a number of paintings dating from the early Qing.’
    • ‘Paramount is pointedly organizing the episodes in the order of production rather than by the air dates.’
    • ‘He pointedly remarks, "You don't have to help anybody."’
    • ‘She pointedly turns away to avoid looking at a street person struggling with a laundry cart overflowing with stuff.’
    • ‘The relationship between the two portraits is pointedly ambiguous: they may be different people or they may represent two views of the same woman.’
    • ‘She pointedly quotes Adorno in reference to the relationship between insanity and creative impulse.’
    • ‘When asked pointedly why he can't accept the truth, Cody replies, exasperated, "Because I got a better sense of history than that!"’
    • ‘They had been preaching and pointedly praying from their respective pulpits for an election devoid of violence.’
    • ‘The director is coughing pointedly and fretting over air conditioning.’



/ˈpoin(t)ədlē/ /ˈpɔɪn(t)ədli/