Definition of pointillistic in English:



See pointillism

‘Under her they merely turn from pointillistic snapshots into abstract expressionism.’
  • ‘Blurred shapes, black-velvet shadows, and pointillistic details crowd Lindsay's gorgeous monochrome visions of trout, bugs, and anglers found streamside from Wyoming to British Columbia.’
  • ‘Since tightly integrated systems are likely to serve critical survival functions (such as feeding, locomotion or escape), the resistance to pointillistic, adaptive modification of individual characters might be very great, indeed.’
  • ‘The clanging, detached, pointillistic economy of the piece up to this point becomes a frenzy of rhythmic vitality, winding down to a soft ending like an old watch.’
  • ‘All but one of those I caught was a medium-length single stretch in which the available resources are used continuously at a pitch of virtuosity in a frenzied pointillistic style.’



/ˌpwaNtēˈyistik/ /ˌpointlˈistik/