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  • 1Cement or mortar used to fill the joints of brickwork or masonry, especially when added externally to a wall to improve its appearance and weatherproofing.

    ‘I am satisfied that there was ingress of water from time to time through the defective leadwork of the roof and through open joint pointing between the coping stones of the parapet wall.’
    • ‘In older houses check the pointing, particularly in courses of bricks below the damp course.’
    • ‘The room was lit by cylindrical skylights, each placed above an alcove of unplastered brickwork with recessed pointing.’
    • ‘There was also defective pointing in the brickwork of the parapet wall on the outside which was readily visible from the roof of the bay.’
    1. 1.1The action of filling the joints of brickwork or masonry with mortar.
      • ‘The restoration of the church involves the pointing of the limestone to prevent the damp from reaching the bathstone, as the bathstone literally crumbles away in damp conditions.’



/ˈpoin(t)iNG/ /ˈpɔɪn(t)ɪŋ/