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poison oak

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  • A North American climbing shrub of the cashew family, closely related to poison ivy and having similar properties.

    Rhus toxicodendron, family Anacardiaceae

    ‘She says that for centuries, plantain has been used to provide immediate relief from mosquito bites, hornet stings and the painful itching of poison ivy or poison oak.’
    • ‘If a child touches poison ivy, poison oak or a sumac plant, causing an itchy rash with pin-size clear blisters, give him a thorough bath to remove the oily resin that caused the reaction.’
    • ‘The late Alabama folk herbalist Tommie Bass used plantain for sunburn, stings, poison ivy and poison oak.’
    • ‘Symptoms, also caused by rubber accelerators and chemical additives, include redness, itching, crusting, and blisters, resembling the reaction to poison ivy or poison oak.’
    • ‘The good news is there is no poison ivy or poison oak in Newfoundland.’
    • ‘Contact eczema is the rash from poison ivy or poison oak, for example.’
    • ‘The nut's hard ash-coloured shell contains toxic substances similar to what is found in poison ivy and poison oak.’
    • ‘Ivy Block is applied at least 15 minutes before exposure to poison ivy or poison oak.’
    • ‘‘Watch out for the poison oak,’ he warns, pointing to thick clumps along the deer trail we are following.’
    • ‘Wear long pants and sleeves when the weather permits, and learn how to take off your clothes when you've been out in the poison oak.’
    • ‘Common woody plants in the understory were toyon, California hazel, and poison oak.’
    • ‘And you can get even better protection by avoiding poison ivy all together, as well as its cousins poison sumac and poison oak.’
    • ‘Seventh is poison oak, and what can be said about poison oak?’
    • ‘It's a moderate, 2-mile round-trip; watch for poison oak.’
    • ‘From a manicured picnic area, you hike down a trail that's steep, skinny, and edged with poison oak, but the route is mercifully short - about 0.25 mile.’
    • ‘The three girls entered the trees, avoiding the thorns and poison oak that scattered around the ground and branches, to reveal a small, grassy clearing.’
    • ‘Then after about the 300th warning about poison oak, Rob came over again and pointed out this giant cow chilling in the shade.’
    • ‘Watch out for poison oak as it is very prolific in the area.’
    • ‘He notes that although it was just water, there were dead fish and poison oak contaminating the water all over the course.’
    • ‘To dwell on the dearth of bonus material any further would be like rubbing poison oak into a paper cut.’


poison oak

/ˈpoizn ōk/ /ˈpɔɪzn oʊk/