Definition of pol in English:


Pronunciation /päl/ /pɑl/ /pôl/ /pɔl/

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informal North American
  • A politician.

    • ‘he was the kind of pol you could understand’
    • ‘Though Kennedy is a proven statewide vote-getter, most Democratic pols believe John will ultimately prevail.’
    • ‘He's being joined by the usual suspects in Congress - the party-line pols who used to loathe the very idea of an independent counsel.’
    • ‘To determine which places are tops, we'll ask political consultants, reporters, editors and pols.’
    • ‘The company owners, though, became big political givers to city pols, enabling them to maintain their cushy monopolies until now.’
    • ‘Let me explain a reality of politics: most pols don't think six weeks ahead.’
    • ‘At the time, local pols viewed her as a long shot.’
    • ‘It could be amusing if the pols posted unblushing, unedited diaries of what they were really thinking, as real bloggers do.’
    • ‘The pols essentially become commodities whose futures one can bet on.’
    • ‘Though the incumbent is favored, most local pols think it could be a close finish.’
    • ‘Most of the pols who run as democrats actually vote as republicans.’
    • ‘One of the first things a prosecutor does in a plea negotiation with a crooked pol is try to force the pol to resign his or her office.’
    • ‘But there are a number of different criminal investigations now underway connected to Republican pols in different parts of the country.’
    • ‘Most of the skill sets that pols employ were foreign to our soon-to-be ex-governor.’
    • ‘But free trade also comes with a significant upside for our country, an upside most Democratic pols would rather not discuss today.’
    • ‘Other Democratic pols had harsher advice: no more Mr. Nice Guy.’
    • ‘Because courage is not a trait often seen in politics, it is no wonder that so many pols would only view the legal challenge in purely political terms.’
    • ‘Here's hoping that many other lefty pundits and pols will follow in her footsteps.’
    • ‘He was at once a Queens pol and yet the most patrician figure in American politics.’
    • ‘Skeptics say the genial chief executive is just a well-connected corporate diplomat, a schmoozy pol in pinstripes.’
    • ‘At the same time, even the most partisan pols also realise that public speculation about the merits or otherwise of the prospective candidates detracts from them all.’