Definition of polarity in English:



mass noun
  • 1The property of having poles or being polar.

    ‘it exhibits polarity when presented to a magnetic needle’
    • ‘However, none of these techniques provide information about the dynamics and the molecular properties such as polarity and viscosity of the immediate microenvironment of the peptide.’
    • ‘Despite the functional diversity among helicases, they all exhibit specific polarity, which is the intrinsic property of all the helicases.’
    • ‘In principle, properties such as tube polarity, local hydrophilicity, and rigidity would be controlled by means of incorporating functional groups into the synthetic channel.’
    • ‘The corresponding temperature-sensitive mutant exhibits defective hyphal growth polarity at the restrictive temperature, leading to cell lysis and the inability to form a colony.’
    • ‘Exocrine cells are highly ordered epithelial cells which exhibit functional and morphological polarity.’
    • ‘However, One consequence of polarity is that individual water molecules are subject to a mutual Coulomb attraction.’
    • ‘Among the system properties governing the transition from nonpolarity to polarity a prominent parameter is the rate of autocrine ligand release.’
    • ‘Half of the amino acid substitutions were nonconservative changes for different properties such as charge, polarity, and volume.’
    • ‘Odyssey can be used for a variety of fundamental chemistry topics, such as atomic orbitals, bond polarity, the gas laws, the structure of solids, and the properties of solutions.’
    • ‘Pair rule, polarity and gap genes are present, but seem to have little or no role in segmentation.’
    • ‘This latter hypothesis is very unlikely also because the emission spectrum of fluorene is almost completely insensitive to solvent polarity.’
    • ‘The solvent polarity also affected the fluorescence spectra of ferulic acid.’
    • ‘The photobleaching characteristics depend on the nature of the sensitizer and are influenced by many factors, including solvent polarity, the presence of other electron acceptors and donors and so on.’
    • ‘If we turn now to the liposomal membrane, a gradient of solvent polarity is expected within the bilayer, increasing as one goes from deep within the lipophilic bilayer out toward the aqueous phase.’
    • ‘This indicates a reduction in polarity of the tryptophan environment in presence of NaCl, i.e, in rod-shaped micelles.’
    • ‘The product was isolated by silica gel column chromatography utilizing a gradient system of increasing polarity.’
    • ‘Moreover, their quantum yield is even more sensitive than the emission wavelength to changes in solvent polarity.’
    • ‘Indeed, the origin of such a compound cannot be roughly rationalized on the basis of either the presence of the easily abstractable hydrogen atoms of the macrocycle or the low polarity of the cavity when compared with water.’
    • ‘Decreasing solvent polarity has been shown to cause the A2E fluorescence to shift to the red, representing a decrease in energy of the first excited singlet state of A2E.’
    • ‘Laurdan is a fluorescent dye that is sensitive to solvent polarity and has been used in both model and cell membranes.’
    1. 1.1The relative orientation of poles; the direction of a magnetic or electric field.
      ‘the magnetic field peaks in strength immediately after switching polarity’
      count noun ‘sunspots can be classified according to their magnetic field polarities’
      • ‘When the burst of electrical current ends the magnetic field reverses polarity.’
      • ‘In a floppy disc, for example, you can store ones and zeros by exposing the ferromagnetic surface of the disc to magnets with different polarities (polarity refers to the orientation of the north and south poles of the magnet).’
      • ‘Pigeons released with an earth strength magnetic field around their heads vanish in slightly different directions depending on the polarity of the magnetic field.’
      • ‘Magnets with opposite polarity can be applied directly opposite or distally along a line or acupuncture meridian located nearest the affected area.’
      • ‘Yet, anyone who played with magnets as a child has felt how magnetic fields of like polarities repel each other.’
      • ‘The sun's surface layer is divided into alternating bands of electric charge, either positive or negative, and each band has a different magnetic polarity.’
      • ‘The integrated circuit device, in turn, possesses at minimum a source elect rode and a drain electrode of the same polarity.’
      • ‘The geologic record indicates that reversals in magnetic polarity happen quickly and frequently, relative to the pace of organic evolution.’
      • ‘That's because the sun's magnetic field begins flipping polarity, and the disordered field can't efficiently deflect dust particles.’
      • ‘This time there will be one major difference, though: even if the Sun will once again be close to a minimum in activity, its magnetic field polarity will be opposite to that during the first polar pass.’
      • ‘Be sure to observe the correct polarity of the DC voltage.’
      • ‘Activity in the mantle may also have been responsible for the changeable nature of the Earth's magnetic polarity, which swung from reverse early in the Triassic to normal and back to reverse many times throughout the rest of the era.’
      • ‘Now if this theory is correct, the earth's poles will switch polarity, leading to Armageddon.’
      • ‘Axis alignment does not specify the direction of polarity, only the relationship between the axis and some external reference.’
      • ‘Second, a change in orientation and polarity of the stretching lineation and shear bands is observed in the footwall towards the Nesna shear zone.’
      • ‘By utilizing a small magnetic head in close proximity to the disk, the polarity of the magnetic field on an OSD drive can be switched at a very high frequency.’
      • ‘The clouds of gas swirled and mixed as their electrons changed polarity, flickering colors that moved with the solar winds of a million suns.’
      • ‘There's a groove in the head that must correspond with a ridge in one side of the track to ensure proper polarity.’
      • ‘The amount of siliceous materials present at the aggregate surface changes its polarity and acidity as well as the basic characteristics of the surfaces.’
      • ‘All electrical instruments should be grounded using a three-prong plug that attaches to a proper grounded receptacle with the correct polarity.’
    2. 1.2The state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects.
      ‘the polarity between male and female’
      count noun ‘the Cold War's neat polarities can hardly be carried on’
      • ‘You can access your deep understanding, application, and synthetical abilities dealing with the concept of paradox, polarity, and opposition.’
      • ‘It's a difficult thing to be modern in the field of performing arts in India, because in our context there's no sense of polarity or binary opposition.’
      • ‘First is the duality obvious in all of Carter's work: polarity of opinion, love/hate, but also the contrast between the decorative and the practical in her work, the imprecise and the rigorous.’
      • ‘The dissenting voice that objects to the gynocentric language of difference unwittingly reinforces the prevailing representation of herself, if only because she acquiesces in the notion of difference as opposition, as polarity.’
      • ‘Dualities such as light/dark thus exist as polarities - two opposite yet complementing aspects of a whole.’
      • ‘However, Orisa… the forces of nature that run through and around this planet, have been interpreted in this male/female polarity.’
      • ‘What is it about this phenomenon which causes such a polarity of opinion?’
      • ‘This may account, at least in part, for her tendency to organize disagreement into opposing polarities.’
      • ‘The polarity between male and female is, following Philo's procedure, often allegorized as an anthropological dualism or dichotomy.’
      • ‘It thrives on the tension between irreconcilable, exclusive, coexisting opposites and the unlikely polarities they represent.’
      • ‘In every aspect of life, polarities are inevitable: We want to live, yet we must die.’
      • ‘Interestingly enough, a lot of magickal material uses male and female as a way of talking about duality or polarity, self and other etc, - but focuses on the moment where dualism collapses.’
      • ‘Indeed, it has been argued that the discourse of race in the United States is founded on the dichotomy, and polarity, of black and white.’
      • ‘Steiner even speaks of the tension between the search for community and the experience of individuality, which, he believed, are not really contradictions but represent polarities rooted in human nature.’
      • ‘Self and not-self, subject and object, are not contradictories, but dialectical polarities.’
      • ‘So, it seemed to me that in the macrocosmic aspect, the controlling factor was tonality, or pitch polarity.’
      • ‘With the ideological polarity of the cold war, the UN procedures for collective security were still-born (as either of the superpowers and their allies would veto any action proposed by the other).’
      • ‘All the dichotomies and polarities can be dissolved and forgiven in that blessed moment of utter peace and tranquility.’
      • ‘I tried to work it out so that each one was only part of a great celestial mass of energy with two polarities: Male and Female.’
      • ‘We tell the solstice story in our own lives as we identify the polarities, the conflicting needs and desires, that give rise to our own distress and dis-ease.’
      difference, separation, opposition, contradiction, contradictoriness, antithesis, duality, antagonism, conflict, dichotomy
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    3. 1.3Biology The tendency of living organisms or parts to develop with distinct anterior and posterior (or uppermost and lowermost) ends, or to grow or orientate in a particular direction.
      ‘the sponge, possessing an axis of polarity, carries an incurrent siphon at one end and an excurrent siphon at the other’
      ‘the embryo shows polarity: it has a root pole and a shoot pole’
      • ‘Tissue polarity is functional as organisms have sensory receptors to detect mechanical and thermal stimuli from the environment.’
      • ‘In this mutant, the anterior region of each segment is duplicated in mirror-image polarity, and the posterior region is lost.’
      • ‘As usual with cladistic analyses, the vast majority of anatomical traits are scored as a present-absent polarity in each organism.’
      • ‘The polarity and the distinct centre of densely cytoplasmic cells were lost after day 10 owing to the increased proliferative activity of densely cytoplasmic cells.’
      • ‘The asymmetric zygotic division fixes polarity, which may rely on the asymmetric delivery of cell wall components, possibly AGPs, and which requires GN in order to execute it.’