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police force

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  • An organized body of police officers responsible for a country, district, or town.

    ‘For example, consider cases involving fire services and police forces with an operational dimension to them.’
    • ‘It was not justified in law and was a violation of the public's trust in its police forces and is at odds with common decency.’
    • ‘All police forces would claim to use as little force as necessary.’
    • ‘Neither would greater investment in our secret services and police forces be money wasted.’
    • ‘Detectives from police forces across the country are sharing intelligence to piece together any leads.’
    • ‘That is, we have trained police forces ready to respond to violations of the law or disturbances of the peace.’
    • ‘I think that it is wrong for any member to suggest that our police force is not one of the best police forces in the world.’
    • ‘It means that our police forces are hopelessly inept when it comes to applying detective work to modern communications.’
    • ‘The firm's identity is being kept a secret, along with two police forces who are also testing the device.’
    • ‘Ministers have said that the policy is an operational matter for police forces.’
    • ‘In addition, they have been hurt in raids by drug barons and by the actions of some police forces.’
    • ‘To confuse matters further, police forces operate autonomously and record crimes differently.’
    • ‘UK police forces are more used to weathering heavy criticism over race-relations issues.’
    • ‘We know about the problems the Australians have had with their police forces.’
    • ‘The further I walked, the more senior the police forces started to look.’
    • ‘Scottish and other police forces are finding more knives largely because they have made it their job to find more knives.’
    • ‘He said the incidents of clashes between Aboriginal people and police forces are growing.’
    • ‘The problem is that not enough is being done by police forces in the States.’
    • ‘Other police forces have travelled to Ireland to view the system but are not taking it on because of the cost.’
    • ‘Several police forces in Britain have adopted a missing child alert system in a bid to avert tragedy.’


police force

/pəˈlēs fôrs/ /pəˈlis fɔrs/