Definition of police procedural in English:

police procedural

Pronunciation /pəˈlēs prəˈsējərəl/ /pəˈlis prəˈsidʒərəl/ /prōˈsējərəl/ /proʊˈsidʒərəl/


  • A television series, film, or novel in which the emphasis is on the procedures used by the police in solving the crime.

    ‘I read village mysteries and hard-boiled American private eye novels, spy thrillers and police procedurals.’
    • ‘But she also wonders if Sayers would feel any kinship to today's grisly police procedurals, filled with random killings and clinical crime details.’
    • ‘With Leonard on board as a consultant to the show, this will hopefully keep the stories interesting and not your typical police procedurals week after week.’
    • ‘If, for example, you've been reading Ed McBain's 97th Precinct police procedurals for the past 30 years, you may be delighted to discover you're not the only one who's hooked.’
    • ‘And the trend appears to be more reality shows, more police procedurals, uncertain prospects for sitcoms - and not much in the way of breakout material, according to most critics.’
    • ‘You also have the problem that occurs in a lot of mysteries and especially police procedurals, of if you have a woman who is partnered with a male, how do you work around the question of sexual attraction?’
    • ‘But I cheerfully acknowledge that such police procedurals belong on ‘Mystery!’’
    • ‘Nevertheless, I urge fans of police procedurals to look around for a markdown price, since this is a solid mystery series that many will enjoy adding to their collection.’
    • ‘Let's be honest… one's tolerance for police procedurals can only be pushed so far, regardless of how well they're made.’
    • ‘Who finds police procedurals to be as outdated as dodos?’
    • ‘If you are familiar with British police procedurals, ‘Prime Suspect’ comes to mind.’
    • ‘It doesn't craft stylized types and freeze-dry them, as do most police procedurals.’
    • ‘As far as police procedurals go, either version of Insomnia is slightly above average.’
    • ‘From the description of the culprit and his apparent IQ, I think he was in my garden last summer, trying to borrow books; specifically, police procedurals.’
    • ‘It showed that there was a considerable appetite for police procedurals on television, and was followed by a number of pseudo-exotic, weird and not so wonderful series.’
    • ‘While most police procedurals are foolish, 1 in 100 will give a forensic expert the shivers.’
    • ‘Once again this is an absolutely first class thriller - or police procedural - or crime novel.’
    • ‘The novel is part police procedural, part character study and part showcase for Leonard's unsurpassed dialogue.’
    • ‘It's another bravura performance by the master of the police procedural.’
    • ‘In the police procedural we may see detectives using a modicum of violence to solve their cases and protect society, but what happens when the cop becomes as violent and dangerous as the criminals?’