Definition of policier in English:


Pronunciation /pōˌlēsˈyā/ /poʊˌlisˈjeɪ/


  • A movie based on a police novel, portraying crime and its detection by police.

    ‘a comic strip policier’
    • ‘he spends his time watching European grade-B policier videos’
    • ‘But the film is less a policier than a post-Foucault case study of the criminal as social transgressor.’
    • ‘This explanation was really unnecessary; his debts to both films are obvious, including Melville's insistence that the policier is the only remaining vehicle for tragedy - at least for a French film-maker.’
    • ‘Expect is an ensemble policier, an uncommonly sunny film with urban chumminess that recalls contemporary Japanese television serials.’
    • ‘The first two films of Park Chan-wook's ‘revenge trilogy’, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Oldboy are being screened, as is Bong Joon-ho's Memories of Murder - easily one of the best policiers of the last decade or so.’
    • ‘We start off with something that is completely familiar, with all the attributes of the policier: the interrogation, the policeman who falls in love.’
    • ‘It's just that it's a policier without any cops.’
    • ‘Though more of a conventional policier than a Memento-like parlour game, Insomnia is still remarkable for its intelligence and intensity.’
    • ‘Most reviewers have treated it as a social drama, even a ‘tragedy’ or a policier.’
    • ‘In the event, keen to mix things up - the first film of the Trilogy, On The Run is more like a thriller and the last After Life a hybrid of policier and intimist drama - Belvaux opts to play the film primarily for its humour.’
    • ‘But Dibdin writes the kind of policiers that get reviewed in the TLS, and the latest one had just dropped through the letterbox, and I was going on holiday, and this is the kind of thing you're meant to read on holiday…’
    • ‘Well before the Gallimard series no less a writer than Camus would draw significantly upon the pulp policier in creating his distinctively cold narrative eye on an indifferent world, the clipped dialogue, the neutral surfaces.’
    • ‘The narrative structure of the policier is thus morbidly suited to the Algerian tragedy, and for a nation desperate for answers, the appeal of the genre could hardly be more plain.’
    • ‘It is a ghost story, a tragedy, a policier and a drawing room comedy: a captivating story performed with childlike unselfconsciousness.’
    • ‘And thus follows the standard Jurisdiction Argument, common to just about every policier ever produced in Hollywood.’


French, from roman policier ‘detective novel’.