Definition of policyholder in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpäləsēˌhōldər/ /ˈpɑləsiˌhoʊldər/

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  • A person or group in whose name an insurance policy is held.

    ‘CA claims that this insurance adds to policyholders ' debts instead of protecting them against hardship.’
    • ‘Increasingly, investigators find themselves battling gangs that steal the identity of a policyholder and then file false claims under his name.’
    • ‘The scheme is an insurance policy that will pay a regular income if the policyholder cannot work - usually after three or six months off work.’
    • ‘This type of insurance covers the policyholder against damage to either a third party or a third party's property.’
    • ‘This is paid by an insurance company to the beneficiaries of the policyholder when they die.’
    • ‘If I worried any policyholders unnecessarily, then I must apologise.’
    • ‘The letters, which had to be dispatched before the end of the month, offer policyholders the chance to review their arrangements.’
    • ‘They are obliged to remind policyholders of this right four months - and then again six weeks - before they retire.’
    • ‘Insurers are increasingly advising policyholders to keep valuables, such as jewellery, in a safe when they are not being worn.’
    • ‘Claims handlers, who help policyholders pursue insurers, reckon that the most lucrative area is health insurance.’
    • ‘The insurer targets safer drivers and has attracted 700,000 policyholders and is aiming to hit one million next year.’
    • ‘This year it expects to pay up to £4m to policyholders facing shortfalls.’
    • ‘Claims were sometimes also rejected due to non-disclosure of material facts by policyholders.’
    • ‘How much more bad news are policyholders supposed to endure?’
    • ‘Birmingham is the second most dangerous city to drive in, with more than one in seven policyholders involved in an accident per year.’
    • ‘Some of us journalists have been made to feel like pariahs for daring to speak up for policyholders and give them a platform for their concerns.’
    • ‘But we wanted both sets of policyholders to end up with the same return, representing the fair value of their policy.’
    • ‘However, there are about 2.5 million policyholders saddled with plans that are doing worse than others.’
    • ‘That is what the overwhelming majority of policyholders wanted.’
    • ‘A marketing campaign will urge at least 1 million policyholders to vote.’