Definition of politely in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈlītlē/ /pəˈlaɪtli/

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  • In a respectful and considerate manner.

    ‘he waited politely for me to ask questions’
    • ‘I politely thanked him for the suggestion’
    • ‘At the time for my audition, I was politely ushered to the stage.’
    • ‘Someone, perhaps unaware of my disposition at the moment, politely asked what I thought of the film.’
    • ‘In the third act, the Prince politely waltzes with six prospective brides chosen by the Queen Mother.’
    • ‘In Courbet's painting, the patron politely extends his hat in the direction of his guest.’
    • ‘They begin politely enough by enjoying a romantic dinner.’
    • ‘She politely explains to her baby sister which of them is first in line to succeed their father.’
    • ‘In the communications trade, this story is what we politely label 'greenwashing'.’
    • ‘Would they give me a few issues, if I ask politely enough?’
    • ‘She offered him some imaginary tea, which he politely declined.’
    • ‘He excused himself politely and left in great haste, as if he felt he were unwelcome.’