Definition of politically in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈlidiklē/ /pəˈlɪdɪkli/

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  • 1In a way that relates to the government or public affairs of a country.

    ‘Southeast Asia is divided politically into a number of nation-states’
    • ‘He stabilized France politically through the construction of the Fifth Republic and financially by devaluing the franc.’
    • ‘Such moves might lead to rule by cabals, especially of larger member states, that lack transparency and act to divide the EU politically.’
    • ‘The ancient Greek city-states were politically self-contained even though they were based on a common culture and religion.’
    • ‘They might have resisted the new territorial states more effectively had they been able to unite politically and militarily into one large territorial state of their own.’
    • ‘Politically, it is constituted by ministers from national governments.’
    • ‘They organized politically to win citizenship rights from the state.’
    • ‘He said the change was "forced on the tobacco team by higher-level, politically appointed officials of the Justice Department.’
    • ‘Vast revenues from the sale of oil accrue to a politically shaky and unrepresentative national government.’
    • ‘Politically, the South flourished under democracy.’
    • ‘We have become a globally integrated but politically fragmented world community.’
    1. 1.1In a way that relates to the political ideas or beliefs of a person or group.
      ‘a politically neutral organization’
      • ‘Throughout the 1930s. he produced his most militant, politically inclined work.’
      • ‘The return to traditional Chinese values mixed with Western elements under a politically rather liberal art scene, has produced stunning results.’
      • ‘He rapidly became the politically most powerful artist in France, but was obliged to live mainly off portrait commissions.’
      • ‘Films by such a politically radical director are not generally seen (or understood) by the viewing public.’
      • ‘The curators here concentrate upon social and politically inspired art.’
      • ‘Like many who emerged in the Depression era, he became a politically committed artist of the left.’
      • ‘Architecture's symbiotic relationship with global economics makes his choice of design as much a politically as an aesthetically strategic move.’
      • ‘The symbolic value of architecture is politically very powerful.’
      • ‘Like other postmodern critics and theorists, he has been criticized as amoral and politically reactionary.’
      • ‘The economic growth process frequently puts rural and urban people at odds politically.’