Definition of polled in English:



  • (of cattle, sheep, or goats) lacking horns, either naturally or because they have been removed.

    ‘the polled variety now has its own register’
    • ‘check whether the kids are horned or polled’
    • ‘Hornless polled cattle may also have become more numerous through a similar selection process - their priority for selection for a Viking voyage to the British Isles is obvious.’
    • ‘Now we either remove the horns early or rear polled breeds.’
    • ‘Thus, there is an economic incentive to dehorn horned calves or to raise polled calves.’
    • ‘What about all those wonderfully attractive polled Angus two and a half year old heifers and steers, cut off in their prime to provide hamburgers for left wingers?’
    • ‘Angus cattle are naturally polled and this is passed onto future generations even when crossbred.’



/pōld/ /poʊld/