Definition of pollen count in English:

pollen count

Pronunciation /ˈpälən kount/ /ˈpɑlən kaʊnt/

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  • An index of the amount of pollen in the air, published chiefly for the benefit of those allergic to it.

    ‘This means the dose can be tailored to the pollen count and the allergic response.’
    • ‘What can the pollen count tell an allergy sufferer, and what do the numbers mean?’
    • ‘During ragweed season, Kleinschmidt tracks the daily pollen count when her medication doesn't seem to be working.’
    • ‘Hay fever symptoms are likely to be worse if the pollen count is high.’
    • ‘If you suffer from hay fever, wear sunglasses to stop pollen getting in your eyes, avoid going outdoors when the pollen count is high (often included in TV and radio weather reports), and don't mow the grass or lie on freshly cut grass.’
    • ‘A pollen count of more than 1,000 signals the Severe Discomfort Zone, when most ragweed allergy sufferers will probably have more severe symptoms.’
    • ‘Stay inside when the pollen count is at its highest.’
    • ‘Try substituting eyeglasses for your contact lenses when the pollen count is high.’
    • ‘However, keeping windows and doors closed on days when the pollen count is very high can often help reduce symptoms.’
    • ‘At least I don't suffer from hayfever as the pollen count is going to be the highest it's been this year today…’
    • ‘According to Dr. O'Toole, people are most at risk from hay fever when the pollen count is high.’
    • ‘There are extra dangers if the pollen count is high and sufferers take higher doses of their medication to relieve symptoms such as streaming eyes and sneezing.’
    • ‘Our appeals system is dedicated to ensuring that students do not suffer because of circumstances outside their control, and the pollen count is one of these circumstances.’
    • ‘What a wonderful, unforgettable fortnight I had in that glorious, burning hot summer of 1976-in those days before the weather forecasters chided us about the dangers of skin cancer and the bloody pollen count every five seconds.’
    • ‘She said: ‘The pollen count in Holderness and East Yorkshire is reaching a high, and inland it is even worse.’’
    • ‘The pollen count is still very high which, combined with high levels of ozone and other pollutants, and humidity, is making the simple business of breathing increasingly difficult in hot weather.’
    • ‘My assistant gets daily reports on the pollen count in the area and if it gets above a certain number, she arranges for my jet to be ready that morning and changes my schedule to accommodate.’
    • ‘When the pollen count is high, he's just wiped out.’
    • ‘Check your local weather report for the pollen count in your area.’
    • ‘The pollen count in your area is given alongside most weather forecasts in newspapers and broadcast after the news on television.’