Definition of pollen tube in English:

pollen tube

Pronunciation /ˈpälən t(y)o͞ob/ /ˈpɑlən t(j)ub/


  • A hollow tube which develops from a pollen grain when deposited on the stigma of a flower. It penetrates the style and conveys the male gametes to the ovule.

    ‘Guidance of the pollen tube down the style involves mechanical, chemical and physical cues that are not yet fully understood.’
    • ‘In pre-zygotic mechanisms, the pollen tube may grow as far as the ovule but not penetrate it, or penetration may be achieved without fertilization.’
    • ‘The grain is empty because the body cell and prothallial nuclei have moved out along the pollen tube towards the archegonia.’
    • ‘For example, low temperatures near flowering affect ovule development and pollen tube growth.’
    • ‘In only one pollination did a pollen tube appear to enter the ovary, but not the ovule.’