Definition of polling booth in English:

polling booth

Pronunciation /ˈpōliNG ˌbo͞oTH/ /ˈpoʊlɪŋ ˌbuθ/

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  • A compartment with one open side in which one voter at a time stands to mark their ballot paper; a voting booth.

    ‘If anyone feels too dispirited to vote, too alienated or whatever, they should drag themselves along to the polling booth and spoil their ballot paper.’
    • ‘And he pledged that the Tories would bring back the right of all voters to use a polling booth, as opposed to some recent elections which have seen all-postal voting.’
    • ‘The race was too close to call yesterday and both camps said they would pursue support among an estimated 10m undecided voters until the polling booths close this evening.’
    • ‘That should get the voters into the polling booths then!’
    • ‘He also hopes that it will help to mobilise and motivate increasingly disinterested voters into the polling booths.’
    • ‘This time they want their part of public opinion to sneer when they see the television images of voters in polling booths.’
    • ‘And the prospect of a ban on fox hunting is the perfect way to embolden Labour spirits and get voters into the polling booth, according to sources.’
    • ‘What IS legally ‘compulsory’ is for each voter to attend and receive voting slips at a polling booth at each election.’
    • ‘The highlight of the campaign for me was the voter in the polling booth telling her daughter it was a council election.’
    • ‘Out of sheer habit, voters go to the polling booth they used during previous elections.’
    • ‘In the United States hardly the majority of eligible voters go to the polling booths.’
    • ‘Around 83 per cent of enrolled voters turned up at polling booths on Saturday - only slightly less than turn out for a general council eleciton.’
    • ‘Flosse claimed that pressure had been put on voters because the polling booths were decorated with the colours of the independence movement.’
    • ‘In last month's European elections, only 20.7 percent of eligible Polish voters went to the polling booths.’
    • ‘In Shangus and Nowgam villages the coalition team saw long queues of voters at polling booths.’
    • ‘Is it possible that an unpinnable fear factor skews respondent response, that the voter exiting the polling booth tells the pollster what he thinks the pollster wants to hear?’
    • ‘At the polling booth, the voter is first identified and his/her signature obtained.’
    • ‘If the couch potato won't come to the polling booth, the polling booth can come to the couch potato - as long as the effort of going to the post box doesn't prove too great.’
    • ‘Last year, a scheme was put forward to give everybody a postal vote, replacing polling booths, in an effort to increase the number of York residents voting.’
    • ‘City of York councillors were considering testing a scheme which would mean everybody would get a postal vote, replacing polling booths.’