Definition of polling place in English:

polling place

(also polling station)

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  • A building where voting takes place during an election, typically one that normally has another function, such as a school.

    ‘Surrey Police has pledged to fight election fraud both at polling stations and with postal votes.’
    • ‘The elections for the county council take place at the same time and in the same polling stations as the general election.’
    • ‘The clock is ticking towards the next General Election, with polling stations expected to open in May.’
    • ‘In some areas, so many voted that polling stations ran out of ballot papers.’
    • ‘There are two main ways to vote, either in person at a polling station or by a postal vote.’
    • ‘Often the voter is registered to vote at his/her polling place and has also requested an absentee ballot.’
    • ‘Militants have threatened to attack polling stations, voters and candidates.’
    • ‘He also said that the increase would also result in the building of more polling stations.’
    • ‘They also keep tabs on the temporary Los Angeles polling places set up so Iranian expatriates can vote in elections in Iran.’
    • ‘You just go down to the designated polling place in your town and vote like it was election day.’
    • ‘Bulgaria uses a system of coloured ballot papers at polling stations.’
    • ‘Actually, it was tough only for the voters who had to choose among so many ballot papers in the polling stations.’
    • ‘On polling day some Labour people at the polling station were calling us names.’
    • ‘Some versions of this technology allow voters to scan their ballots at the polling place to make sure that they have voted as intended.’
    • ‘During the 2002 congressional elections, news organizations will put polling places under intense scrutiny.’
    • ‘Those certificates entitle the bearer not to a mail-in ballot, but rather to vote at any polling place in the Ukraine on Election Day.’
    • ‘Hundreds showed up to vote at this one polling station in a residential Baghdad neighborhood.’
    • ‘Closing the voter registration gap and making polling places accessible are just the start to increasing the voter turnout of people with disabilities.’
    • ‘Some students complained that they received two voter registration cards with different polling places listed.’
    • ‘Voting in Samarra was so heavy that polling places ran out of ballots in the early afternoon, officials said, and more were brought in under U.S. support.’