Definition of polluter in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈlo͞odər/ /pəˈludər/

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  • A person or thing responsible for contaminating the environment with harmful or poisonous substances.

    ‘greenhouse polluters such as the coal and aluminum industries’
    • ‘cars are major polluters everywhere’
    • ‘He is a utility lobbyist who has represented the worst air polluters in America.’
    • ‘Once all property is private, property owners will defend their own interests against polluters.’
    • ‘Like most victims of pollution, email recipients are powerless against the polluters.’
    • ‘Medical waste incinerators are some of the worst environmental polluters in the United States.’
    • ‘There are various statutes giving regulatory authorities powers to require clean-up by the polluter or the owner or occupier of land.’
    • ‘The journal failed to note his affiliation with the company, a notorious environmental polluter.’
    • ‘Giving employees a reason to work themselves out of a job was key to motivating workers whose public image had gone from patriots to polluters.’
    • ‘Significantly, the shipping industry is a minor polluter compared to road transport.’
    • ‘The responsibility for ending the conflict lies with the polluter, who should be responsible for truly internalizing the costs of the conflict-generating activity.’
    • ‘A company that reduces its emissions by installing solar panels can sell permits to polluters at a premium.’