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polo pony

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  • A horse used in playing polo, typically bred for speed and agility.

    ‘Blackie, my now tired friend, had grown into a trusted horse, in some ways more trusted than my best polo pony.’
    • ‘But just as he swept her up on to his polo pony, and before he could hustle her back to his Navy hammock, a strange, gnarled, ancient woman appeared from behind a hedge, and in a gravelly voice she intoned a heartstopping mantra.’
    • ‘A recent redundancy means it is safe to assume that she is the only unemployed woman in Paisley with her own polo pony - not exactly a stereotype for a sport whose most famous former player is Prince Charles.’
    • ‘The England captain, Henry Brett, is Britain's best player and one of the few to play to a high level, despite humble financial beginnings - his parents sold a sofa to buy him his first polo pony.’
    • ‘For polo, gauchos compete for the best-trained polo pony.’
    • ‘The polo pony's tongue, as well as the bars to a lesser degree, are the most sensitive parts when there is any pressure on the bit or the snaffle-bit.’
    • ‘And, in my opinion, I don't know, I think he would be incredible with a polo pony.’
    • ‘Goethe himself used to work astride a curious seat resembling a practice polo pony.’
    • ‘I get up early, I arrive at the stables, and I have breakfast with the polo pony trainers.’
    • ‘I spoke to every good polo pony trainer, and that was the only way I managed.’
    • ‘A pair of female Thoroughbreds who are trained polo ponies were stolen in Palm Beach, Florida, on Wednesday.’
    • ‘The estate also had coach houses and farmhouses, stables for the racehorses, as well as stables to house polo ponies, used for the frequent lawn polo matches on such local estates as Wynne's Hazelwood House.’
    • ‘Our final day in Brunei which was the day after the final, we had the chance to go horse riding on some of the polo ponies from the stables at the Jarudong Country Club.’
    • ‘According to Kelly's daughter Elizabeth Gemmill, now in her 80s, her father was a keen horseman, and established an abundant stable of polo ponies on the farm.’
    • ‘The best hospital in the Upper Hunter is Kerry Packer's - for his polo ponies.’
    • ‘I actually treated the Duke of Edinburgh's polo ponies.’
    • ‘When Couples teed up at the Players Championship the following March, the first thing he noticed was a supportive blonde wearing a T-shirt with the words: ‘I hate polo ponies.’’
    • ‘I'll give him the polo ponies, because that's absolutely true.’
    • ‘But, once someone who used to work for a long time said, if he had his polo ponies, and his cars, and his private plane, he'd be a happy man.’
    • ‘In addition to the luxury of his own estate and its servants, Buchanan had purchased a string of polo ponies for his enjoyment while on Long Island.’


polo pony

/ˈpōlō ˈpōnē/ /ˈpoʊloʊ ˈpoʊni/