Definition of polyelectrolyte in English:



  • A polymer which has several ionizable groups along the molecule, especially any of those used for coagulating and flocculating particles during water treatment or for making electrophoretic gels.

    ‘Biochemists have known for many years that to get large charged molecules called polyelectrolytes to snuggle up, ions in the solution are essential.’
    • ‘Even so, this apparent complexity would allow benefit from progresses in statistical physics, and scaling theories applied to polymers, polyelectrolytes, and polyampholytes.’
    • ‘Transport of polyelectrolytes, in particular of nucleic acid fragments, through proteinaceous pores in membranes has also been reported.’
    • ‘Their theory has been shown to be useful for explaining the physico-chemical characteristics of elongated polyelectrolytes dissolving in an aqueous solution, such as electrophoretic mobility.’
    • ‘His area of research is the theory of soft matter, polymers, emulsions, dispersions, gels, polyelectrolytes.’



/ˌpälēˌəˈlektrəˌlīt/ /ˌpɑliˌəˈlɛktrəˌlaɪt/