Definition of polygenist in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpəˈlijənist/

noun & adjective

See polygenism

‘James Prichard, for example, sought to reveal the common origin of all humankind created by God, countering polygenist arguments such as those of Lord Kames, rather than positing the causes of development.’
  • ‘Although Cuvier believed that the human races had probably developed separately for several thousand years, there were others, who we today call polygenists, who argued that the races were actually separate species.’
  • ‘He was astute enough to see how the arguments of polygenists could serve slaveholders and imperial adventurers.’
  • ‘Quatrefages replied that polygenists in the United States had in fact used their theories to justify slavery.’
  • ‘The polygenist Paul Broca became the dominant figure in the field.’