Definition of polygyne in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpäləˌjīn/ /ˈpɑləˌdʒaɪn/


  • (of a social insect) having more than one egg-laying queen in each colony.

    ‘In the present study, we use the parameters provided by reproductive skew models as a guideline for factors that may determine reproductive sharing in polygyne ants.’
    • ‘South American fire ant species falling outside the socially polymorphic clade are not known to exhibit polygyne colony social organization.’
    • ‘This result conforms to previous findings in other polygyne wasps, where nestmate queens were usually significantly related (reviewed by Crozier and Pamilo 1996).’
    • ‘Colonies of the monogyne type are headed by a single egg-laying queen, whereas those of the polygyne type contain multiple queens.’