Definition of polymathic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpäliˈmaTHik/


See polymath

‘That is the daunting task for undaunted talk radio hosts, Web pundits, and bar drunks, and a major reason why such polymathic opinion dispensers rarely provide much more than a light snack for those seeking the nourishment of truth.’
  • ‘In it he exhibits a polymathic fluency in nearly every language of social theory from the late 18th century to the present.’
  • ‘Margie Thomson has chronicled his journey from musical whiz kid to polymathic author.’
  • ‘Ben would engage in diverse acts of self-expression - art-works, music, craft-works, scientific theorisations - by which a polymathic apprehension of the world would be concentrated into new forms of representation.’
  • ‘I was discussing the problem with two polymathic friends of mine, reproductive biologist Jack Cohen and mathematician Ian Stewart, co-authors of Figments of Reality, Evolving the Alien and The Science of Discworld.’