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  • A substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together, e.g., many synthetic organic materials used as plastics and resins.

    ‘High molecular weight polymers can have viscosity values in the millions of centipoise range.’
    • ‘The ability of living organisms to define the molecular composition of a polymer with complete accuracy is an enviable one.’
    • ‘Nucleic acids are also polymers, composed of repeating units called nucleotides.’
    • ‘Gels in the laboratory such as silica gel and some polymers have been studied and exploited for years.’
    • ‘This is usually dextrose, but amino acids and glucose polymers can also be used.’



/ˈpäləmər/ /ˈpɑləmər/


Mid 19th century from German, from Greek polumeros ‘having many parts’, from polu- ‘many’ + meros ‘a share’.