Definition of polyphasic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpäliˈfāzik/


See polyphase

‘But he had no scientific proof that, in situations of sleep deprivation, polyphasic sleep - the term for frequent napping - was more efficient than monophasic (getting sleep all in one chunk).’
  • ‘It has been demonstrated that when a dark-adapted leaf is illuminated with high intensity actinic light, the fluorescence transient shows a polyphasic rise, including phases O, J, I, and P.’
  • ‘Isolates underwent polyphasic analyses employing phenotypic (selective media and biochemical testing) and genotypic (polymerase chain reaction) assays to determine species identification.’
  • ‘Electromyography may show short-duration, small-amplitude, polyphasic motor units with an increased terminal innervation ratio (number of fibers innervated by a single anterior horn cell).’
  • ‘The blink reflex was characterized by an initial triphasic wave on the ipsilateral stimulus side, followed by a polyphasic wave on both sides.’