Definition of polyphosphate in English:



  • A salt or ester of an oxyacid with two or more phosphorus atoms in its anion, especially any of a number used chiefly as detergents or food additives.

    • ‘Scale can be controlled chemically using substances such as polyphosphates, phosphonates and various polymers.’
    • ‘When some waters are heated, the raised temperature will reduce the effectiveness of the polyphosphate so that oxidized iron will accumulate in the water heater.’
    • ‘Ramsay of Carluke's award-winning Ayrshire bacon has 0% water content, unlike those that are pumped full of polyphosphates to help the bacon retain water.’
    • ‘Made from mechanically processed meat (some of it containing recycled pet food and banned carcinogenic antibiotics), they are bound together with polyphosphates and gums.’
    • ‘The higher nitrogen prices are also affecting the cost of ammonia used in production of DAP, MAP and polyphosphates.’