Definition of polyploid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpälēˌploid/ /ˈpɑliˌplɔɪd/


  • 1(of a cell or nucleus) containing more than two homologous sets of chromosomes.

    ‘these cells have a highly polyploid nucleus’
    • ‘Formation of polyploid nuclei as a consequence of failure of chromosome segregation in the presence of ICRF-193 was also reported in HeLa cells.’
    • ‘Weak png mutations permit several transient S-M cycles to occur, producing embryos with a characteristic phenotype of multiple polyploid nuclei.’
    • ‘As can be seen in Fig 4A and Fig B, the developing egg chambers in these ovarioles contain nurse cells with polyploid nuclei and a cell at the posterior that may correspond to the oocyte.’
    • ‘In all four cases the embryos produced by mutant females had a small number of apparently polyploid nuclei rather than the normal, large number of diploid syncytial nuclei.’
    • ‘We also investigated a possible DMSO effect on the frequency of polyploid and endo-reduplicated cells by chromosome counting.’
    1. 1.1(of an organism or species) composed of polyploid cells.
      ‘Selaginella, the largest heterosporous genus, has only a few polyploid species, although a large dysploid variation has been reported.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, the frequency of polyploid species, at least amongst the endemic elements, would remain strikingly low.’
      • ‘The number of mapped microsatellite DNA markers presently available can be used effectively, now, to understand the behavior of meiotic chromosomes in diploid and polyploid oysters.’
      • ‘The Ph1 locus has a strong suppressive effect on heterogenetic pairing and almost entirely prevents recombination between homeologous chromosomes in polyploid wheats.’
      • ‘Here we used a PCR-product cloning approach for estimating the genotype of polyploid individuals that are heterozygous for two or more alleles.’


  • A polyploid organism, variety, or species.

    ‘many of our cultivated plants are polyploids’
    • ‘Different from bivalent polyploids, multivalent polyploids pair their chromosomes among more than two homologous copies at meiosis.’
    • ‘The duplicated genetic material in the polyploids facilitates hybridization and introgression among different polyploid species leading to the production of recombinant genomes that barely can be formed at the diploid level.’
    • ‘Attempts to introduce variability from wild diploid species into polyploids have taken several paths and have frequently met with difficulty.’
    • ‘The process of concerted evolution can best be studied in synthetic polyploids or in natural polyploids of clear and very recent ancestry.’
    • ‘Data are presented on the natural occurrence of polyploids, the induction of tetraploids using colchicine and nuclear DNA amounts of diploids and polyploids of both species.’