Definition of polyploidy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpäləploidē/ /ˈpɑləplɔɪdi/



See polyploid

‘Ring chromosomes, chromatid exchanges and polyploidies were also observed at some treatments.’
  • ‘These include the early evolution of recombination, redundancy through polyploidy, division into chromosomes, and overlapping sequences as a means of reducing mutational targets.’
  • ‘This article generalizes their approach to allow for arbitrary modes of inheritance, including diploidy, polyploidy, sex linkage, cytoplasmic inheritance, and genomic imprinting.’
  • ‘No significant increase in cells with chromosomal aberrations, polyploidy or endoreduplication was observed at the concentrations analyzed.’
  • ‘The gymnosperms are characterized by large genomes and relatively low chromosome numbers; polyploidy is rare.’