Definition of polysemic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpälēˈsēmik/ /ˌpɑliˈsimɪk/

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See polysemy

‘These pairs often display regular polysemic relations, i.e. they constitute systematic sense combinations that are valid for more than one word.’
  • ‘The rich polysemic nature of Kanak languages, some intricately entwined with Polynesian vocabularies, testify to these congruences of aquatic and terrestrial meaning.’
  • ‘This obscurity might be the reverse of their fruitfully polysemic character: only dead terms can be univocally defined!’
  • ‘Most Sanskrit words are polysemic, as can be noted by the many entries for each word in Sanskrit dictionaries.’
  • ‘Without being evangelistic about what is good writing Hazel stresses that experimental texts are polysemic, having many meanings and interpretations, and there is a considerable difference between real life and text life.’