Definition of polysemous in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpälēˈsēməs/ /ˌpɑliˈsiməs/ /pəˈlisəməs/ /pəˈlɪsəməs/

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See polysemy

‘There should be a way of saying that there is one polysemous lexeme with limitations on how you can use its singular.’
  • ‘They may, however, be put off by homographs and polysemous words, such as the various uses of bank and crane.’
  • ‘It might be unclear, in any given case, whether a word should be regarded as polysemous or monosemous.’
  • ‘It is argued that this is an instance of children's developmental and educational problems with polysemous vocabulary, a relatively neglected area of linguistic development.’
  • ‘Linguists such as Nick Enfield and Anna Vierzbicka have argued that most body part terms used in the description of emotion are polysemous, which is to say that they have a number of different meanings.’