Definition of polysexual in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpälēˈsekSHo͞oəl/ /ˌpɑliˈsekʃuəl/ /ˌpɑliˈsɛkʃuəl/


  • Incorporating many different kinds of sexuality; pansexual.

    ‘The polysexual punk-rock cabaret celebrates its first year of excess with a special performance at BAC.’
    • ‘Bold polysexual love story aside, all is not quite right in this odd, stiff effort.’
    • ‘Does he absolutely need to pepper his already uncomfortably personal, polysexual prose with references to "the now-familiar flesh of your deformed penis?"’
    • ‘"You've found my weakest spot," Saadiq sings in his nasal, polysexual croon on "Still Ray."’
    • ‘Channel 4's comedy drama Metrosexuality, first shown in 2001, was a giddy exploration of people's polysexual love lives in London's Notting Hill.’
    • ‘A slacker comedy shifts into a polysexual rural pastoral meditation where Basile is living with his sixty-year-old lover in "The Village of the Dead."’
    • ‘At other times, the multiple images meld and contrast in a polysexual stew that blurs interpersonal boundaries.’
    • ‘But none captured the sense of purpose of past tours like "Blonde Ambition," the early nineties polysexual free-for-all that gleefully mocked eighties prudishness.’
    • ‘The words so often used to describe the decade - straightforward, superficial, homogenous - actually need to be countered with others: challenging, ambivalent, polysexual.’
    • ‘Before long, he predicts, electronic beats and lyrics about life in a modern polysexual world will soon be blasting out of speakers at dance clubs everywhere.’
    • ‘Why can't we have heroes like Martina the polysexual refrigerator mechanic who leads a lusty life fighting bosses and seducing process workers on the factory floor?’
    • ‘But even we were surprised that Metrospotting, a hyper-hip, candy-colored comedy series about multiracial, polysexual Britain has but a smidgen of schlong.’
    • ‘Produced over an eight-year period, it unblinkingly depicts one New York threesome's struggle to live under one roof in a mutually satisfying, polysexual and "tri-nogamous" marriage.’