Definition of polytunnel in English:



  • An elongated polythene-covered frame under which seedlings or other plants are grown outdoors.

    • ‘Over the past three years, the business has expanded into strawberries, as well, which are grown in polytunnels in order to be ready out of season, before their outdoor plants mature.’
    • ‘The mushrooms, which literally grow overnight in four polytunnels, are sold to supermarket chains through a wholesaler in Trawden.’
    • ‘The seeds were sown, germinated and grown in the polytunnel for approximately three weeks on average.’
    • ‘The vandals threw flowers, sprayed the garden, benches and plants with paint and stabbed holes in the sealed polytunnel used to protect flowers grown for the event.’
    • ‘Liam is bent over tending aubergine plants in one of the endless polytunnels.’