Definition of pomelo in English:


nounplural noun pomelos

(also pummelo)
  • 1The largest of the citrus fruits, with a thick yellow skin and bitter pulp which resembles grapefruit in flavor.

    Also called shaddock

    ‘Slightly larger and heavier than its sister ‘Oroblanco’, ‘Melogold’ expresses more of its pummelo than grapefruit heritage.’
    • ‘In fact the grapefruit is simply a hybrid between a pomelo and an orange.’
    • ‘Melogolds and Oroblancos are different hybrids from pummelo and grapefruit parents.’
    • ‘In the fruit basket were nine blood oranges, two huge pomelos, and seven cute little pears.’
    • ‘But for ARS horticulturalist Robert R. Krueger, the genus Citrus includes at least 16 species, with hundreds of distant relatives, including lesser-known, peelable oddities like pummelos, trifoliate oranges, and kumquats.’
    • ‘The pomelo, or the ‘Chinese Grapefruit,’ is an uncommon member of the citrus family, distinguished by its sheer size and pale, pear-like appearance, and has the presence of a fat, cross-legged Buddha.’
    • ‘In traditional Chinese medicine, the pulp and juice of the pomelo, which taste sweet with a hint of sourness, are good for the throat, stomach and spleen.’
    • ‘These products include Thai hom mali rice from Buri Ram, salt eggs from Chaiya, ‘pomelos’ from Nakhon Chaisri and ‘mon thong’ durians from Chanthaburi.’
    • ‘Thais are renowned for their ability to carve fruit; melons, mandarins, and pomelos, to name just a few, are carved in the shapes of intricate flowers, classic designs, or birds.’
    • ‘We had several dishes and referring to some of my notes from the evening - the pomelo and shrimp salad contrasted the sweetness of the fruit with the sharpness of the chilli beautifully.’
    • ‘You'll be amazed at the fruit sold from boats; there are two dozen varieties of banana alone, and if you don't know what a starfruit, pomelo or zirzat is, this is your chance to find out - your tastebuds will thank you for it.’
    • ‘We bought whole barbecued chickens, corn, biscuits, pomelos and paichons (salted catfish).’
    • ‘The city features six fruits - lemon, lychee, banana, longan, pomelo and pineapple - and three flowers - narcissus, camellia and orchid.’
    • ‘A farmer shows off his different-colored pomelos growing from out of the same tree.’
    • ‘Next to them on the street a woman sells fruit from her pickup truck, and the bed overflows with pomelos and papayas.’
    • ‘Alternatively, guests wishing to rejuvenate the skin and refresh the spirit after a day in the sun will want to experience a wonderful milk bath that has been scented by kalamansi lime, fragrant pandan leaves, pomelo and chrysanthemum.’
    • ‘Other foods children requested after the tour included horned melon, pomelo, vegetable soup, turnip, spinach, soymilk, red cabbage, sweet potato, and tofu.’
  • 2The tree that bears the pomelo fruit.

    Citrus maxima, family Rutaceae

    ‘After the fall of the Roman Empire the Arabs cultivated and disseminated the bitter orange, pomelo, lime, and sweet orange, between the 12th and 15th centuries.’
    • ‘Since the plants are not that profitable I’m planning to plant some fruit bearing trees like rambutan, durian or pomelo in between crops.’



/ˈpäməlō/ /ˈpɑməloʊ/


Early 19th century of uncertain origin; perhaps an alteration of pampelmoes.