Definition of Pomgolia in English:



mass nounhumorousNew Zealand
  • The United Kingdom.

    ‘luckily we don't have the Safety and Health regulations they have in Pomgolia’
    • ‘When I first arrived here from Pomgolia, eftpos was big here but not so in the UK.’
    • ‘Too much time in Pomgolia seems to have affected her memory.’
    • ‘He's a Marxist Pom hiding in Pomgolia.’
    • ‘He's bringing more honour and fame to Pomgolia with vapid rants against capitalism.’
    • ‘The perception when I lived in Pomgolia in the Blair years was that Maggie T was fairly comfortable with the direction his government was heading in.’
    • ‘He's the founding Chairman of Sky, responsible for bringing The Simpsons to Pomgolia.’
    • ‘If Satan wins the toss and Pomgolia emerges triumphant, should I swap the usual shorts and swandri for some mustard cords and a Barbour?’
    • ‘Greetings From Outer Pomgolia’
    • ‘'Do you think you'll ever go back to the UK, Dad?' 'What? Pomgolia? Not likely.'’
    • ‘My daughter's emigrating to Outer Pomgolia.’


1970s from Pom, on the pattern of Mongolia, alluding to the perception of both as distant lands.