Definition of pomposity in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being pompous; self-importance.

    ‘his reputation for arrogance and pomposity’
    • ‘We need a disposal service for our collective neuroses, something to clear away the rubbish of our self-regard and pomposity.’
    • ‘What would it take to bring wine back to the stature that it deserves - one where it is included in our everyday lives and given appreciation without pomposity?’
    • ‘That pricking of pomposity and ceremony reflects one of her enjoyable, endearing traits and a quality sadly missing in general politics since she quit.’
    • ‘This ridiculous sounding direct translation of a toiletry-product seemed to perfectly sum up the buffoonery and pomposity of the French.’
    • ‘Even several people I know who generally share his world view told me they found his strutting pomposity almost unbearable this year.’
    self-importance, imperiousness, pompousness, sententiousness, grandiosity, affectation, stiffness, airs, pretentiousness, pretension, arrogance, vanity, haughtiness, pride, conceit, egotism, superciliousness, condescension, affectedness
    bombast, loftiness, pompousness, turgidity, grandiloquence, magniloquence, ornateness, portentousness, pedantry, boastfulness, boasting, bragging, sonorousness, windiness
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