Definition of pond life in English:

pond life


mass noun
  • 1The animals, especially the invertebrates, that live in ponds or stagnant water.

    ‘pupils can discover aspects of pond life for themselves’
    • ‘It isn't a big pond, but it has fair number of fish and other pond life living in it.’
    • ‘The public's help is needed to put plants in the pond which will keep the water healthy for wildlife and create new habitats for pond life.’
    • ‘Water gardens are ponds having water falls, pond plants and pond life like exotic fishes.’
    • ‘Planted at the bottom of the pond, they produce fronds that add oxygen and encourage other beneficial pond life.’
    • ‘Monitor all pond life carefully for diseases and parasites.’
  • 2British informal A contemptible or worthless person or group of people.

    ‘gangs of foul-mouthed pond life’
    • ‘Typically, they'd have nothing to do with spammers, the 'pond life' of the Internet.’
    • ‘Anyway, I hate literary critics - pond life the lot of 'em.’
    • ‘It would be nice to see Yorkshire "ladies" kicking him into the North Sea where pond life like him belong.’
    • ‘They are highly effective, immensely powerful and very dangerous pond life, but pond life nevertheless.’
    • ‘He responded by labelling the paper as 'the methane gas rising from the pond life of Irish journalism'.’
    • ‘But nowadays the people who throng it are now largely a sort of traveling pond life.’
    • ‘We work hard all year to try and give our kids a decent Christmas and this pond life has to try and spoil things for others.’
    • ‘Are you pond life or a platinum partner?’
    • ‘They are the lowest form of political pond life and we do not need them.’
    • ‘I'm all for looking for the best in people, but I think you can safely define someone as pond life when they can't even be bothered to smoke properly.’
    • ‘We should exterminate 'em with all the other pond life.’
    • ‘These 'pond life' should apparently be alternately sterilized, publicly flogged, or wiped off the face of the earth altogether.’