Definition of pond snail in English:

pond snail


  • An aquatic European snail with a brown conical shell, living typically in fresh water.

    Genus Limnaea, family Limnaeidae

    • ‘We were led to propose a creative evolutionary role for intragenic DNA inversions through our studies of the nitric oxide-signaling pathway in the nervous system of a pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis.’
    • ‘Predator snails control plant-eating snails, and pond snails help keep the water clean.’
    • ‘Mallards and black ducks also dive for pond snails and probably a range of aquatic insects like dragonfly nymphs.’
    • ‘During its life cycle, the parasitic trematode depends on several hosts, including pond snails.’
    • ‘The marine shell and pond snails were associated with adult females, the whistle and iron ore, with a young child.’