Definition of ponderousness in English:



See ponderous

  • ‘The sheer ponderousness of the panel's opinion - the mountain of verbiage it must deploy to explain away these fourteen short words of constitutional text - refutes its thesis far more convincingly than anything I might say.’
  • ‘In conveying so much about Adams's goodness, in vivid and smooth prose, McCullough slights Adams's intellectual ambitions, his brilliance and his ponderousness, his pettiness and his sometimes disabling pessimism.’
  • ‘Gibson's ponderousness, however, is different, born not from the traditional Hollywood fear of offending religious sensibilities, but rather from the distinctive character of his own commitment.’
  • ‘Nancy and Miller exhibited the painfully protracted, predictable ponderousness which has become the hallmark of deconstruction in its senescent phase.’
  • ‘Customers are free to meander around the rails as they wish, and comfortable armchairs are often supplied to facilitate a little sartorial ponderousness.’