Definition of poniard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpänyərd/ /ˈpɑnjərd/


  • A small, slim dagger.

    ‘Beneath it, however, stuck into his belt, were two pistols and a sizeable poniard.’
    • ‘Pointed malice colored his words, while one tan, knobby hand began fingering the hilt of a poniard that jutted up from his broad, black belt.’
    • ‘Venetians are financier families which function as a slime mold, as a unit, and which at night may go out and stab each other with poniards and kill each other for recreation - not out of hatred, but for recreation.’
    • ‘She watched him strap on the scabbard and long poniard.’


Mid 16th century from French poignard, based on Latin pugnus ‘fist’.